Setting up packet drivers

There are several packet driver interface options:

  • Network interface card-dependent packet driver.
  • NDIS version 2.01 driver with packet driver shim supplied by Symantec Ghost. NDIS version 3 or later drivers do not work with the Ghost client.
  • Third-party network adapter driver and packet driver shim. These have not been tested or documented with the GhostCasting feature. This includes ODI-based packet driver shims such as

Packet drivers are easy to set up and require minimal configuration.

The NDIS driver setup is more complex. The selection of NDIS 2.01 and shim, or a network interface card-specific packet driver depends on factors such as availability, reliability, ease of use, and speed. By running a system test, you can choose the best alternative for your network interface card (that is, the specific packet driver or the NDIS 2.01 driver and shim).

Note: Do not use the Network Client Administrator from Windows NT 4 or the Microsoft Network Client Installation program to create a GhostCast boot disk as they are not compatible.

To set up packet drivers

To set up a network interface card-dependent packet driver

To set up an NDIS 2.01 network adapter driver with supplied packet driver shim