Destination drive

This window lets you select the destination drive letter and the number of disks you need.

Floppy disk Drive
Select the drive letter of the floppy disk drive that you want to use to create the boot disk.
Number of disks to create
Select the number of boot disks to create. This option is useful for creating a batch of identical boot disks for use in multiple clients. If you have selected a static IP address in the Network Settings dialog box or the Network Client Settings dialog box, then a unique IP address is generated for each disk. The IP address is incremented by one for each subsequent disk.
Format disk(s) first
Ensure that this option is checked to format the disks before copying the files needed to start your client computer. Formatting the disk ensures that any existing files are removed and that there is enough space for the boot files on the disk. If this option is unchecked, then any files that exist on the disk remain.
Quick Format
Ensure that this option is checked to erase the floppy disk but keep the existing disk format if the disk has already been formatted as a 1.44 MB floppy disk. If this option is not checked, the Ghost Boot Wizard completely formats the disk, which takes significantly longer.