Packet Driver

This dialog box lets you select the packet driver that is run during the processing of the Autoexec.bat file.

Driver Executable
Type the location of the packet driver executable file. If you are installing the packet driver from the original disks that came with your network interface card, the packet driver is probably inside a directory called PACKET or PKTDRV.
Optionally, enter command-line parameters. These parameters vary from driver to driver and are usually optional with plug-and-play network cards. If you think that your selected driver may require command-line parameters to work correctly on your network, then consult the documentation that came with your network card. This is often in the form of a Readme.txt file in the same directory as the driver itself.
A preview of the line that appears in the Autoexec.bat of the finished Ghost boot disk appears at the bottom of the dialog box.
Multicasting is not supported by Symantec Ghost 2003. Optionally select a multicasting mode. Most network interface cards support different methods of receiving multicasts from the network. Symantec Ghost can usually determine the best method to use based on information in the driver. However, some drivers misrepresent their capabilities and in these cases the multicasting mode must be explicitly set.
There are three options:
  • Select Automatically

This is the default. Symantec Ghost selects the best mode to use based on the information in the driver.

  • Receive Mode 5

This may be less efficient than letting Ghost select the mode automatically but it is supported by most cards. Use this mode if the above option does not work.

  • Receive Mode 6
Less efficient than mode 5. Use this mode if Receive Mode 5 does not work.