Template type

There are two types of drivers that a Ghost client can use, a packet driver or an NDIS2 driver. Both types of drivers are usually supplied with network cards so that you have the choice of which driver to use. Some network card manufacturers do not supply packet drivers with their hardware.

Packet drivers
Packet drivers are usually DOS executables (with a .com or .exe file extension) that load from the Autoexec.bat file before Symantec Ghost loads. Symantec Ghost communicates directly with the packet driver to use the services provided by the network card.
NDIS2 drivers
NDIS2 drivers work with Microsoft Network Client. Symantec Ghost can also use them for multicasting. NDIS2 drivers are DOS drivers that load from the DOS Config.sys file. Symantec Ghost does not communicate with NDIS2 directly, but uses a shim (supplied by the Ghost Boot Wizard) to access the network card.