Network Client Configuration

This window displays the parameters that let a Drive Mapping Boot Disk connect to your network.

Client Computer Name
Specifies the name of the computer after starting from the floppy disk. It does not have to be the same as the name given to the computer in Windows. If you are creating more than one disk, a number is appended to the computer name parameter for subsequent disks to ensure that it is always unique.
User Name
Specifies the user name with which the boot disk logs on to the network. The specified user must exist on the network and have sufficient access rights to the files and directories required.
Specifies the domain to which the user belongs.
Drive Letter
Specifies the drive letter on which the network share appears. DOS accesses the network share through the mapped drive, which appears as though it is a hard drive connected to your computer.
Select <none> and map a drive yourself from the DOS prompt after starting the computer to prevent the boot disk from mapping a drive at startup.
Maps To
The Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path to the network share. UNC paths take the form \\server\share name\subdirectory.
For example, a folder you want to access is shared as Ghost on a computer named Boss. The UNC path would be \\Boss\Ghost.