Multicard driver

This window lists NDIS2 templates that can be used in a multicard boot disk.

Multicard templates let you create a boot disk that contains several NDIS2 drivers. When the computer starts, a special multicard driver checks the computer's hardware to see if any of the NDIS2 drivers can be used to access the installed network card.

Multicard templates are useful because several makes and models of network cards are often used in a single LAN. You can create a single boot disk for use with all of your client computers without modification.

If you are creating a floppy disk from the boot disk, select no more than four or five drivers as space is limited on a floppy disk.

Note: Any additional files or modifications to the Autoexec.bat and Config.sys files of the NDIS2 templates (as specified on the Advanced tab of the Template Properties dialog box) are overridden by the settings in the selected multicard template.

Click to display the Template Properties dialog box. This lets you change the configuration details of the selected template. You can also view the template properties by double-clicking an entry in the template list.
Click to create a new template.
Click to make a copy of a selected template. Copying an existing template may be easier than creating a new template.
Click to rename the selected template.
Click to delete a selected template. You are asked to confirm whether or not you want to delete the template. Once a template has been removed from the list, it cannot be restored.