Select the Windows program group and associated icon.

Your options include:

  • Creating a Windows program group.
  • Adding, removing or replacing items within a program group. If you add an item that already exists, the Add command keeps the original item, as well as the new item. If you replace an item, only the new one exists. The remove command isn't generally used for installations. You can create a separate configuration file that removes a program group or program group icon. You must specify both the program group and item to remove an item.
  • Adding additional command-line entries and the associated working directory that executes when the user runs the program icon.
  • Specifying an icon for the program group item, either by file name or index number. If the icon is embedded in a program file, and there are multiple icons in the file, the index number specifies the icon that appears. For example, 1 means the first icon embedded in the program file.