$SYSTEM$, $SYS2$, and $SYS3$

$SYSTEM$, $SYS2$, and $SYS3$ are text variables that are assigned the value that the user types on the command line when running the installation program.

For example, if the user types install -update -c:\data -15236, $SYSTEM$ is assigned the value update, $SYS2$ is assigned the value c:\data, and $SYS3$ is assigned the value 15236. If the user types setup -d:\network, $SYSTEM$ is assigned the value d:\network. The dash (-) must precede the text that the user types on the command line. If the dash is omitted, the parameter is interpreted as the .aic file name.

Common uses include:

  • Allowing variables to be passed from one installation to a second installation.
  • Providing a user-supplied variable for testing with an IF statement.