If $SYSn$

Test a condition against the $System$ value.

$SYSTEM$, $SYS2$, and $SYS3$ values are assigned by collecting input that the user enters during the installation program. The user must type a dash (-) in front of the value to assign it to a variable.

Example 1:

If the user enters install -update, the $System$ variable becomes update.

Example 2:

If the user enters setup -d:\network -c:\local -update, the $System$ variable becomes d:\network, $Sys2$ becomes c:\local, and $Sys3$ becomes update.

Example 3:

IF $SYSTEM$ <> open_sesame


Incorrect password - installation terminated.



This example expects the user to enter a password on the command line, such as open_sesame, and checks the entry. If it does not match, installation is aborted.