If $ASKn$
$ASKn$ values are assigned by collecting user input in response to an Ask command. There are nine variables, $ASK1$ through $ASK9$.
For example:
ASK3: "", prompt="Enter your serial number:"
IF $ASK3$ <> "1B456Q9"
Invalid serial number - installation terminated
The user is prompted to enter a serial number and the response is stored in the variable $ASK3$. The IF statement compares the user's value to 1B456Q9. If it isn't the same, the exit message appears and the installation ends.

Refer to the EXITMESSAGE/EXIT command for usage information. The values stored in the $ASKn$ variables are strings and are compared alphabetically. For example, 99 is considered larger than 100 because the first character 9 is larger than the first character 1.