Prompt the user for input and store it in the $ASKn$ variable. The user can type information or answer a Yes/No question.

Your options include:

  • Assigning a numeric value to the $Askn$ variable, where n equals the number you select.

For example, if you select 3, the variable is $Ask3$. Once you collect input from the user, you can use the $ASKn$ variable with the WinItem, IniFile, AddText, Config., Autoexec, RunAtExit, File, and other commands.

  • Using Caption to specify the title that appears on the top border of the dialog box.
  • Entering the message the user sees in the Prompt box. Use the Text box to type a more detailed description of the question.
  • Using the User Entry and Yes/No Buttons to specify whether the user enters information or answers a Yes/No question.
  • Entering a suggested value. This information appears in the entry box on the dialog box.
  • Using the Yes Prompt and No Prompt to specify the words that appear on the Yes and No button. Yes and No are the defaults, but you can use Agree and Disagree or a combination you choose.
  • Entering a text file name to display a message during installation. The Text File Name box is useful for displaying a copyright file or license agreement.
  • Selecting a bitmap to appear on the left side of the message box. The bitmap should be 125 pixels wide by 275 pixels high. It can have up to 256 colors.