Customizing installation scripts

Installation scripts can be modified as they are created. They can also be modified after the AI package is built by opening the package in AI Builder.

The customizing options appear in the left pane, and details of the selected option appear in the bottom right pane. The installation script is in the top right pane.

Table 3-1 outlines the command types that are available in AI Builder.

Table 3-1 AI Builder command types
Command type
Base Installation
Defines how the installation begins.
For example, select WindowsItem to add, remove, or replace items within a program group.
Defines how the installation appears to the user.
For example, select IntroScreen to display a graphic when the installation begins.
Messages & Input
Adds messages that require user input.
For example, select Prompts to change the messages that display during the installation.
System Changes
Makes changes to Windows during the installation.
For example, select Registry to insert or delete items in the Windows registry.
If Conditions
Lets you include If statements for unattended installations.
For example, select IfMemory() to check a memory value during the installation.
Defaults & Calls
Set up defaults and include calls to external programs.
For example, select RunAtExit to run an external program at the end of the installation.

To customize an installation script