Customizing and building AI packages

AI Builder uses the installation script created by AI Snapshot to build an AI package that can be customized to meet your needs. For example, you can add a specialized splash screen to the package, or customize a lengthy installation process to run automatically without user interaction. Once a package is created, you can use AI Builder to modify and rebuild the package.

Note: AI Builder does not build the package if it will exceed 2 GB.

The installation script is an ASCII text file that is read by AI Builder, a text editor. The commands in the installation script dictate how the software is installed.

AI Builder integrates graphics, sound, and animation. It includes messages and questions and allows .ini file and registry editing.

The checklist interface guides you through the required steps. Installations can test for CPU, RAM, and video configurations. You can use If statements to adapt to individual configurations. AI Builder creates a wizard interface for AI packages that can be run on the client.

Note: If the customized installation requires user interaction it cannot be deployed by the console.

Extra lines are ignored, so you can add them for readability. However, extra spaces and carriage returns should not be added as they cause syntax errors. You can use the REM command to add remarks to any line. The text on that line is ignored by AI Builder even if it is a valid command. This is useful for documenting your installation script.

AI Snapshot does not automatically add the uninstall command to a replicated application. You can include this option by selecting the Uninstall command in AI Builder.

For troubleshooting purposes, AI Builder uses error messages for invalid commands in the installation script. AI Builder gives you the line number of the invalid command, along with the contents of the line. For example, if you use a BEGIN command and forget to include the END command, an error message appears with the line number in the .aic file.

Use AI Snapshot or AI Builder to generate the AI package to avoid any syntax errors that may result from using other text editors. Once a package is generated, you can use the Run option on the Build menu to test the installations that you create.