How AutoInstall works

Symantec Ghost AutoInstall (AI) reduces the time and cost of managing software distribution across a network by providing an efficient means of installing application packages and updates. Once installed, these packages can be removed quickly using the AutoInstall applications.

AutoInstall captures changes to a single Windows computer that you can then deploy across a network. For example, you can capture changes to files, registry entries, or entire application suites and deploy the changes using the Symantec Ghost Console software.

AutoInstall, in conjunction with the Symantec Ghost Console, simplifies and streamlines the process of implementing workstation updates. AutoInstall lets you create a comprehensive software install AI package that you can deploy to workstations via the Symantec Ghost Console.

Symantec Ghost AutoInstall has two components to help you create and customize AI packages.

  • AI Snapshot creates an installation script that records the changes to a model computer when software is installed.
  • AI Builder uses the installation script to create a package that duplicates the changes made by the software installation. AI Builder also lets you customize the package to meet your needs.

Once created, packages can be modified using AI Builder.