Viewing the properties of a recovery point

You can view various properties of a recovery point by using the Recovery Point Browser. The following properties are available for viewing:


A user-assigned comment associated with the recovery point


The total size (in megabytes) of the recovery point


The date and time that the recovery point file was created


The compression level that is used in the recovery point

Split across multiple files

Whether the entire recovery point file is spanned over several files

Password protected

The password protection status of the selected drive


The encryption strength that is used with the recovery point


The version number associated with the recovery point

Computer name

The name of the computer on which the recovery point was created

Search engine support

If you enabled search engine support for the recovery point, this property is displayed.

Created by

Identifies the application (Norton Ghost) that was used to create the recovery point.

To view the properties of a recovery point

  1. In the Recovery Point Browser, in the tree panel, select the recovery point that you want to view.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • On the File menu, click Properties.

    • Right-click the recovery point, and then click Properties.