Using the pcAnywhere thin host for a remote recovery

The Symantec Recovery Disk CD includes a pcAnywhere thin host. It lets you remotely access a computer in the recovery environment. The pcAnywhere thin host contains the minimum settings that are needed to support a single-use remote control session. The thin host requires an IP address for hosting a remote control session.


You cannot deploy a thin host to Symantec Recovery Disk. The thin host can only be started from the Symantec Recovery Disk CD to host a remote control session in Symantec Recovery Disk. The thin host in Symantec Recovery Disk does not support file transfers and cannot be used to add drivers for network or storage devices.

After you start the thin host from Symantec Recovery Disk, it waits for a connection from a remote computer. You can connect to the thin host to remotely manage a recovery or to perform other tasks in Symantec Recovery Disk. You must use Symantec pcAnywhere to connect to the thin host.

To start the pcAnywhere thin host

  1. On Network panel, in the recovery environment, click Start the pcAnywhere Thin Host.

  2. The networking services are started, if necessary. The thin host waits for a connection.