About recovering a computer

If Windows fails to start or does not run normally, you can recover your computer using the Symantec Recovery Disk CD and an available recovery point or a virtual disk that you created from a recovery point.


If you can start Windows and the drive that you want to restore is a secondary drive (which is any drive other than your system drive, or the drive where your operating system is installed), you can restore the drive within Windows.

The Symantec Recovery Disk CD lets you run a recovery environment that provides temporary access to Norton Ghost recovery features. For example, you can access the Recover My Computer Wizard to restart the computer into its previous, usable state.


If you purchased Norton Ghost from your computer manufacturer, some features in the recovery environment might not be available. For example, if the manufacturer installed the recovery environment on your computer's hard disk. Your manufacturer might also assign a keyboard key for the purpose of starting the recovery environment.

When you restart your computer, watch for instructions on your computer monitor, or refer to your manufacturer's instructions.