About file and folder backups

If you want to edit or create a select set of personal documents and folders and you do not want to use hard disk resources to back up your entire computer, you can define a file and folder backup. Or, you might want to define a file and folder backup to capture one or more folders that contain the files that you change on a regular basis.

File and folder backups let you select individual files or folders to back up. You can also specify a file type to back up and let Norton Ghost locate and back up all files of the type you specified. For example, if you have Microsoft Word documents stored at several locations on your computer, Norton Ghost locates all Word documents (files that end with .doc) and includes them in your backup. You can even edit the list of file types to include types unique to the software you use.

Norton Ghost also keeps multiple versions of the same files for you, so that you can restore the version of a file that contains the changes you need to restore. You can even set a limit to the number of versions that are kept so that you can control the use of disk space.