Monitoring backup protection from the Home page

On the Home page, the Backup Status pane provides a summary of the backup protection status of your computer. For example, if one or more drives are not included in a defined backup, the background color and status icon changes to reflect the level of backup protection. The Status Details pane provides recommendations on which actions you should take.

The following table describes each of the levels of backup protection that the Home page displays.

Table: Backup protection levels




Backed up

At least one drive-based backup is defined and it runs on a regular basis.

This status indicates that all drives, files, and folders can be fully recovered, if necessary.

Partially backed up

A backup is defined, but it is not scheduled or has not run for a long time. This status can indicate that the existing recovery points are outdated. It can also indicate that one or more drives are not assigned to a defined backup.

A partially protected drive can be recovered, but if the recovery points are outdated, it might not contain the latest versions of your data.

At risk

No defined backup exists and no recovery points are available from which to recover the drive.

An unprotected drive cannot be recovered and is at risk.

Status unknown

The status is being calculated, or you have not yet licensed your product.

Either wait a few seconds for the status to display, or make sure that you have licensed your copy of the product.

No backup protection assigned

The drive that displays this icon is not monitored for backup status; or, it is monitored for errors only. However, there are no errors to report.

Use the Customize status reporting feature on the Status page to change the status report setting.