About running a one-time backup from Symantec Recovery Disk

Using a valid license key, you can create independent recovery points using the new Back Up My Computer feature in Symantec Recovery Disk. Sometimes known as a cold backup or offline backup, you can create recovery points of a partition without the need to install Norton Ghost or its agent.

With a cold backup, all files are closed when the backup occurs. You do not copy any data that may be in the middle of being updated or accessed on the desktop or server. Cold backups are particularly useful for databases. They ensure that no files are written to or accessed at anytime during the backup so you have a complete recovery point.

You can also use the Symantec Recovery Disk CD to create recovery points if you experience any of the following:

When you want to create a backup from the Symantec Recovery Disk CD, you are prompted for a valid license key only for the following scenarios: