The Discovery Accelerator Summary tab

The Summary tab provides a headline view of the status of the activities that you perform in Discovery Accelerator. The role that you have in Discovery Accelerator determines what you see in this page, which may include the following:

Review Status

This area lists the Discovery Accelerator cases that you have recently accessed. To change the number of cases that appear in the list, click the Showing Last box at the right and then select the required number. Right-click a case to view its properties and the associated review set items, searches, and export or production runs.

Click the blue hyperlinks to view the items in the review set that match the selected filter. For example, click a hyperlink in the Unreviewed column to view all the items that you have yet to review.

Task Status

This area shows the status of other tasks that you may perform in Discovery Accelerator. In each case, you can right-click a task to view more information on it.

The Tasks area comprises multiple panes, which may include the following:

  • Searches. This pane provides details of the searches that you conduct for items to add to the review set.

  • Exports. This pane provides details of the export runs that you conduct when you need to review items offline.

  • Productions. This pane provides details of the production runs that you conduct.

    Like export runs, production runs let you copy items out of Discovery Accelerator for offline review. However, a production run is more formal. It locks the items in the review set, and it assigns an identifying Bates number to each item.

  • Analytics Ingestion. When you enable a case for analytics, this pane lets you monitor the process of ingesting the data into a case.