Custodian Manager tab

This tab lets you open the Custodian Manager Web site. Custodian Manager is a separate application with which you can submit the details of custodians and custodian groups for which you want to search when you conduct a Discovery Accelerator search. A custodian is an individual employee, whereas a custodian group is any collection of employees, such as an NT group, distribution list, Active Directory container, Domino LDAP query, or Domino group.

After you have submitted a few details of a custodian or group with Custodian Manager, you can synchronize them with an external source like Active Directory or a Domino LDAP directory. This keeps the data in Custodian Manager up-to-date and lets you retrieve additional information about the custodian or group from the external source.

Custodian Manager also lets assign additional, custom attributes to custodians and custodian groups. Use these attributes to filter the list of custodians and groups for which to search in Discovery Accelerator. For example, you can create a custom attribute called "Cost Center 1", assign it to the custodians who belong to the cost center, and then pick the attribute when you define your search targets with Discovery Accelerator.

See the online Help that accompanies Custodian Manager for guidelines on how to use this application.