Policy Integration configuration options

Use these settings to integrate Discovery Accelerator with the Enterprise Vault Automatic Classification Engine.

Always show policy display in review grid

When you preview an item that has no associated policies in the Review pane, specifies whether to show the Policy field above the item. By default, Discovery Accelerator hides this field when there are no associated policies.

Sort Policies within type

When you preview an item in the Review pane, specifies the order in which to list the associated policies in the banner above the item. Enter one of the following values:

  • 0. The policies are not sorted.

  • 1 (default). Discovery Accelerator first groups the policies by policy type (inclusion, exclusion, and category) and then sorts them alphabetically within each type.

  • 2. The policies are sorted alphabetically, regardless of policy type.

Changing the sort order does not affect the items that are already in the Accelerator database; only newly-added items are affected.

More Information

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