API configuration options

Use these settings to control how third-party tools may exchange data with your Discovery Accelerator database through the Discovery Accelerator application programming interface (API). For more information on the Discovery Accelerator API, contact Symantec Support.

API Enabled

Specifies whether to enable or disable access to the Discovery Accelerator Web service API. By default, access is disabled, which means that none of the API methods works.

Database command timeout (seconds)

Specifies the number of seconds that an API command should wait before abandoning its attempt to exchange data with the Discovery Accelerator customer database.

Domino template file

Specifies the Lotus Domino template (.ntf) file to use with the GetItems API method.

Maximum item chunk size (bytes)

Specifies a limit in bytes on the size of each chunk of item content that you can retrieve with the GetItem and GetItems API methods.

Maximum item list chunk size

Specifies a limit on the number of items for which you can retrieve information in one batch with the GetItemList API method.

Temporary storage area

Specifies the location in which to store items temporarily when they are retrieved through the API. By default the setting is blank, which means that the Windows %TEMP% folder is used. If you want to specify an alternative folder, ensure that the Accelerator service account has full permissions on it. The folder must also have plenty of free space.

For performance reasons, exclude the temporary storage area from on-access virus scanning.

Temporary storage area cleanup interval (minutes)

Specifies the frequency in minutes with which to purge stale data from the temporary storage area. The default setting is 30 minutes.

More Information

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