Conducting quick searches

Use the quick search feature to specify one or more fields for which you want to search, such as From or Subject, and the required values.

The following table lists quick search features and gives examples of how you can use them in your searches:

Table: Quick search features



Boolean operators

bill AND sue
bill OR bob
bill AND NOT "bill smith"


(bill OR sue) AND (bill OR bob)

NEAR operator

stock NEAR price

Search scope

from:bob AND (subject:stock OR subject:"share price")


stock* OR share*

To conduct a quick search

  1. On the Quick tab in the Search area at the left of the Review pane, set the scope of the search. You can do either of the following:

    • Choose the required message attribute in the Fields list. For example, choose Subject or content to search the subject lines and bodies of all the items in the review set.

    • Type one of the following attribute keywords in the "Search within the case" field, and then follow it with a colon and the word or phrase for which to search: all, from, to, fromto, subject, content, subjcont. For example, type from:Bob to search for items whose author is Bob.

    The second method of setting the search scope overrides the first.

  2. If you have set the search scope by choosing an attribute in the Fields list, type the word or keyword for which to search in the "Search within the case" field.

  3. Click Apply.

    Note that you cannot save the criteria for a quick search. However, the Quick tab retains a history of recent searches that you have conducted. This history is not specific to the case, but contains searches for all analytics-enabled cases.

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