Overriding manual categorization

By default, rules do not categorize the items that the rule conditions match if they have already been marked or tagged manually in the Review pane. You can use the override manual categorization feature to change this behavior and allow the rule engine to categorize all items that match the conditions.


Use the override manual categorization feature with caution. You should use it only to override incorrect marks and tags applied manually by reviewers. With this option enabled, you must also wait until automatic categorization is complete before you manually mark or tag any items on the case.

To override manual categorization

  1. Click the Cases tab in the Discovery Accelerator client.

  2. In the Cases pane at the left, select the case for which you want to override manual categorization.

  3. Click the Rule Builder tab.

  4. Click Override Manual Categorization near the top of the tab.

    This feature remains in operation until the rule engine has completed its run based on all the current rules. When it has completed its processing, the override manual categorization feature is automatically turned off again.