About SQL Server noise words

To prevent a full-text index from becoming bloated, SQL Server has a mechanism that discards commonly occurring words such as "the" and "and". These discarded words are called noise words in SQL Server 2005 and stopwords in SQL Server 2008. During index creation, the SQL full-text engine omits noise words from the full-text index, and consequently you cannot search for them by using Discovery Accelerator. For example, a search for the phrase "the lazy dog" returns results where the phrase "one lazy dog" matches.

You can override this behavior by editing the SQL Server noise word file. If you use SQL Server 2005, the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base describes how to edit the file:


If you use SQL Server 2008, the following article provides information on stopwords and stoplists:


Note that the noise words and stopwords are common to all full-text catalogs in the SQL instance.