Key features of Discovery Accelerator

Discovery Accelerator is an electronic discovery and review system that integrates with Enterprise Vault services and archives. Discovery Accelerator lets authorized users search for, retrieve and preserve, analyze, review, mark, and export or produce emails, documents, and other electronic items for lead counsel examination or court-ready production - rapidly and in a cost-effective manner.

Using attorneys and external counsel to review large numbers of items is costly. With Discovery Accelerator, you can create a hierarchy of reviewers for a discovery action or case, with different levels of reviewers able to assign certain review marks. In this way, paralegal staff and non-legal staff can perform an initial review of search and collection results and leave only the privileged, relevant, or questionable items for counsel. Optionally, you can then produce the relevant items with an appropriate Bates number or else simply export them from Discovery Accelerator in various formats.

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