Select a Compliance Accelerator instance to connect to

This dialog box lets you select the Compliance Accelerator instance that you want to access.

The dialog box provides the following options:


Specifies the name of the computer on which the Compliance Accelerator server software is running.


Specifies the name of the instance (customer database) that you want to access. Click the down arrow at the right of the box to select the required instance.

Each instance stores the details of a set of departments that you want to review. It also stores the associated user roles, search results, research folders, and more. Therefore, you may have multiple instances from which to choose.

Ask every time the application is opened

When this option is checked, causes Compliance Accelerator to display this dialog box every time you start the application. If you have one instance only, you may want to uncheck this box. Then you can connect to the instance immediately at startup, without first displaying this dialog box.