Assigning escalated items to other escalation reviewers

If you are an escalation reviewer, you can reassign an item that has been escalated to you so that another escalation reviewer has ownership of it. Note that having ownership of an escalated item does not prevent any other escalation reviewer from working on it. However, as Compliance Accelerator lets you filter the review set by escalation owner, you may find that reassigning ownership helps you to sift out the items that do not interest you.

To assign an escalated item to another escalation reviewer

  1. In the Review pane, select one or more items that you want to assign to another reviewer.

    To select multiple adjacent items, click the first item, and then hold down the Shift key and click the last item. To select nonadjacent items, click the first item, and then hold down the Ctrl key and click additional items. To select all the items, press Ctrl+A.

  2. Click the Assign button at the bottom right of the pane.

  3. Select one or more escalation reviewers to whom you want to assign the items. If you choose the [Default] option, Compliance Accelerator assigns the items to the default nominees for escalations within the department.

  4. Click OK.

    The escalation reviewers can access the items by selecting Escalation Review in the Mode box at the left of the Review pane.

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