Assigning attributes to departments

As part of the process of configuring the properties of a department, you can assign up to three attributes to it.

You must have the Configure Department Properties permission to assign attributes to a department. By default, users with the department role of User Admin have this permission.

To assign attributes to a department

  1. Click the Departments tab in the Compliance Accelerator client.

  2. In the Departments pane at the left, click the department to which you want to assign one or more attributes.

    If Compliance Accelerator lists a lot of departments, you can filter the list with the fields at the top of the pane. As well as filtering the departments by name, you can choose whether to list any exception employees, folders, and reviewers that are associated with them.

  3. Click the Properties tab.

  4. Enter the required values in the Identity Attributes section at the right.

  5. Click Save.

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