Vault Store Partition Properties: Backup

Use this page to specify how Enterprise Vault checks whether or not the data in a vault store partition has been backed up. If you have configured Enterprise Vault to remove safety copies after backup, they are not removed until this check shows that the partition has been backed up.

How do you want to check whether items have been secured? Choose from the following options:

If you use the Check for a trigger file option, you can also set a scan interval. Select the Scan partition every option, and enter a scan interval in minutes. After each interval, Enterprise Vault checks the partition for a trigger file.

If you do not set a scan interval, partitions are checked only when backup mode is cleared from the vault store, and when the storage service starts.

When a partition has been backed up, Enterprise Vault processes the backed up items on the partition to create shortcuts and remove the associated safety copies. Enterprise Vault also generates information about the backup status of the partition.

The Status section provides a following summary of this partition's backup status. This information includes the results of the last partition scan, or the current results if a scan is in progress:

Click Details to see more information about the partition's backup status.