Vault Store Partition Properties: Collections

The Enterprise Vault collector combines multiple archived items within a partition into much larger collection files. The use of collection files may significantly improve backup times for the partition, although Enterprise Vault takes slightly longer to retrieve collected items. The collection files are standard Windows CAB files.

Enterprise Vault single instance storage can continue to share SIS parts after they have been collected.

Collection is not recommended on any devices that perform deduplication, as it causes loss of deduplication.

As users delete archived items, the number of references to an item decreases. When no references remain to an item, Enterprise Vault deletes the item. Note however that if you use collections, unreferenced items may remain in a CAB file for some time before they are deleted. Enterprise Vault compacts a CAB file and deletes the unreferenced items when the ratio of unreferenced items reaches a fixed value.

Use Collection files. If you want to use collection files, select this option and then select Enterprise Vault as the collector.


If you configure a partition to use collection files, you cannot revert to not using collection files.

Daily file collection times:

Limit collection files to <number> megabytes. Enter the maximum size for collection files. The default size is 10 MB. You may want to change this value to optimize the use of your backup media.

Note the following:

Collect files older than. Enter the amount of time that must elapse since items were archived before they are eligible for collection.

Note the following: