Query Sources

Warning: Never add or delete Query sources (.qsd files) without support from Symantec Consulting Services.

Query sources are the databases against which you run queries. The results of the queries can be used to create groups. Enterprise Manager provides connections to three query sources.

You can:

To view query sources and apply queries to groups, the role assigned to your user account must give you permission to Manage Configurations.

To view Query sources:

Open a configuration to Manage, and expand the Queries item. The following query sources are provided:

This query includes all Configuration Databases, although the data may not be up to date. For example, if a Configuration Server is not available because it is intermittently connected, you cannot query it using the All Symantec LiveState Configuration Databases source, but a query from EMDB would provide information as of the last synchronized census.

To apply a query to a group:

  1. Open a configuration to Manage, and create a Query Group.

  2. Expand the Queries item.

  3. Expand the query source from which you want to use a query.

  4. Drag the query to the group.

To see the query associated with a particular group:

  1. Open the configuration to Manage, and expand the Groups item.

  2. Right-click the name of the Query Group and choose Query Attributes.

The Edit Query Attributes dialog displays information about the query.