Displaying Master Profiles in Enterprise Manager

For a Symantec LiveState Package Profile to be displayed in Enterprise Manager as a Master Profile, the Profile's description field must contain the characters +> (a plus sign followed by a greater-than sign).

Using Command Center or Web Admin, you can

See the Symantec LiveState Delivery Command Center Help or Symantec LiveState Delivery Web Admin Help for more information.

Additional Requirements for Master Profiles

To set the Package Profile to be displayed in Enterprise Manager:

  1. Open the Command Center and expand Package Profiles.

  2. Right-click a package profile you want to use in Enterprise Manager, and choose Properties.

The <Profile name> Properties dialog box appears.

  1. In the Description field type +> (a plus sign and greater than sign) as the first 2 characters of the description.  

  2. Make sure the Check Dependencies box is selected.  

Package dependencies must be checked in Command Center. If a profile that has unresolved dependencies is used in a Policy in Enterprise Manager, then the unresolved dependencies will cause the Policy job to fail.