About Master Profiles

Master Profiles are sets of software packages that can be assigned to Policy Plans. When a Policy Plan is associated with a Group, and the policy is subsequently evaluated, the software jobs in the Profile are assigned to the resultant group of computers.

Note: Profiles that contain hardware jobs are not supported in Enterprise Manager. Only Package Profiles containing System, Pre-OS, and Application packages can be used as Master Profiles.

Configuration packages are not supported in Profiles that are used as Master Profiles in Enterprise Manager.

Creating Master Profiles

You use Command Center or Web Admin to create profiles, set all Admin Parameters for the profile's packages, and resolve dependencies. How to...

After the profile is created, you can see it in Enterprise Manager.

To View Master Profiles in Enterprise Manager

You must have permission to manage the configuration that contains the Master Profile.

  1. Right-click the Configuration Name and select Open for Manage.

  2. Expand the Master Profiles item. Icons indicate whether the Master Profile can be assigned.

Profile can be assigned to a Policy Plan.

Profile cannot be assigned. Admin Parameters are not set.

  1. Expand a Profile to display a list of member packages.

  2. To see parameter values for a package, right-click the package name and select Parameters.