Welcome to version 7 of the DameWare Mini Remote Control!  Thank you for downloading and installing what we believe is the most advanced and feature-rich remote control program available.


Whether you are new to DameWare software or have been using the MRC program for years, what you will soon notice is that though many parts of the program look and feel similar to past versions, in actuality the entire program has been revamped and retooled to include a multitude of new features and enhancements that make this new version of the DameWare Mini Remote Control the most powerful and flexible version ever produced!  See the Help Topic "What's New and What's Changed?" for further details.


As you begin to use MRC v7, please keep in mind that although many settings and options are in the same place as in previous versions, new settings and options have been added and some old ones removed.  It would be beneficial to peruse these Help Files to gain a better understanding of the new features, settings, and options that are now at your disposal.  From the way the software is activated to the use of IPv6 Addresses, we believe the fresh changes and new features implemented in MRC v7 will pleasantly surprise experienced and novice users alike.


Thanks again and if you have questions or comments and would like to contact DameWare Development Sales or Support, please see the "Contact Information" Help Topic for ways to do so.




***Version 7.x of the MRC Client Agent Service cannot be automatically downgraded back to a version 6.x.  It can be downgraded via the "File | Remove Service, File | Install Service" method.  See the Help Topic entitled "MRC Client Agent Service Installation Methods."

***All settings are stored exclusively in the Registry, no longer in the DWRCS.INI file.