Connect button

Opens the Remote Connect dialog.




Reconnect button

Attempts to connect to the machine previously connected to.  The drop-down menu lists the machines to which the MRC user was previously connected.




Disconnect button

Disconnects the MRC connection between the local and remote machine.




View Full Screen

Displays a full screen of the remote machine.




Smart Sizing

Proportionally re-sizes the screen information to fit within the current MRC connection window, eliminating the need for scroll bars.




Send Control+Alt+Delete

Sends the Ctrl+Alt+Del keystrokes to the remote machine.




Lock Remote Keyboard and Mouse

Locks the remote keyboard and mouse during the MRC session.




View Only

Allows the MRC user to connect to the remote machine desktop but not send any keyboard or mouse input.




Enable/Disable Windows Hot Keys

Toggles the ability to use the following Windows Hot Keys: Alt+Tab (switch between programs), Ctrl+Escape (displays the Windows Start menu), and the Windows Key (displays the Windows Start menu of the remote machine).




Show Local Cursor As a Dot

Changes the local cursor display to a dot.




Show Remote Cursor

Displays the remote cursor in the MRC window during a connection.




Display Warning Border

Displays a distinctive border around the MRC window when connected to a remote machine allowing for easier recognition.  Note: the Warning Border feature is not supported on Windows Vista, Server 2008, and Windows 7.




View/Edit Local Global Options

Opens the Local Global Options interface.




View/Edit Remote Server Settings

Opens the MRC Clien Agent Service settings of the remote machine.





Opens the PING dialog.





Opens the Print dialog.




Print Preview

Opens the Print Preview dialog.




Cancel Simple File Transfer

Cancels a Simple File Transfer after it has been initiated.




Disable Screen Updates During Simple File Transfer

Temporarily turns off screen updates while a file transfer is in progress.




Disconnect on SFT Completion

Disconnects the MRC connection once the current file transfer request has been completed.




Open the Download Folder

Opens the local Simple File Transfer folder on the local machine within a standard Windows Explorer window.




Open the Remote Upload Folder

Opens the Simple File Transfer upload folder on the remote machine within a standard Windows Explorer window.




Disable Show Transparent Windows

Disables the default behavior of displaying transparent windows on the remote machine.




Enable Control to All Connected Users

Enables all connected users to have control of the mouse and keyboard of the remote machine.




About DameWare MRC

Displays the version release and registration information about this installation of the Mini Remote Control program.




Help Topics

Opens the internal Help Files.




Toolbar Options Drop-Down

Enables the MRC user to select which buttons are displayed on the toolbar.





Standard - Reset Toolbar:

Applies any changes made to the toolbar options.





Allows a command to be selected and added directly to the toolbar.




Allows the toolbar icons and menus to be customized.