Licensing and Activation



All DameWare Development software is licensed per User, not per Computer or installation.  The number of licenses required corresponds with the actual number of technicians/administrators running the software.  Each individual user of the MRC Application must have a license.  In this aspect, it can be thought of as a "driver's license."  The MRC Client Agent Service is not licensed and there are no additional fees for the installation of the Service on remote machines.  For example, if 10 technicians run the MRC Application and connect to 10,000 remote machines, 10 licenses are required to maintain compliance with DameWare Development's End User License Agreement (EULA).


Each licensed user is allowed to have the software installed on multiple machines (i.e. Desktop at location #1, Desktop at location #2, Laptop, & Home Computer, etc.) and still be covered under his or her license, provided he or she is the only person running the software on the additional machines.  If a separate individual runs the MRC Application on the aforementioned additional machines, an additional license is required.  


There are no provisions for concurrent usage (otherwise known as "per seat" licensing).  For example, if 25 technicians run the MRC Application at any given time, even if only 10 use it simultaneously and the 25 users run the software from 10 distinct machines (or even a single Citrix or Terminal Server), 25 licenses are required.  Each individual user of the MRC Application must have a license.


Licenses can be purchased online at, from one of DameWare's Distributors or Resellers, or by contacting our Sales department via email or telephone (See the "Contact Information" Help Topic for details).




When the MRC program is downloaded and installed, it will run in Evaluation Mode until the 30-day Evaluation Period expires, or until it is properly activated with a valid license key.  Once a license is purchased, the registered contact (and/or the purchaser) will receive via email the registration number and activation file.  At this point, the installation of the MRC Application can be activated by referencing the step-by-step instructions from the email.

To activate, open the MRC Application and in the Main MRC Window select the Help menu, then “About DameWare MRC…”  



The following “About” dialog box will be displayed:



Then, simply drag the “dwabin.txt” file that is attached to the email onto this box.  Once the mouse button is released and the file is dropped, the MRC software should show as Registered Name and the Registration number should be displayed.


If "RunAsAdministrator" is being used, it may be necessary to right-click on the dwabin.txt file and select "Copy" and then right-click on the "About" window and select "Paste" in order to activate the software.


If for some reason neither of these options are successful, simply drop the dwabin.txt activation file directly into the Program Files\DameWare Development\DameWare Mini Remote Control 7.0 directory and then open the MRC program.  The program will look for this file during startup and activate.


***Note: The "Activate" button is for information only.  Clicking on it will display a message informing the MRC user that a version 7.x activation file must be obtained from DameWare Sales in order to activate a version 7.x installation of the software.