Command Line Functionality


The Mini Remote Control program can be run from the Command Line.  DameWare Development has adopted a consistent set of command-line switches that can be used with the DameWare Mini Remote Control program.  The following command-line switches and behaviors can be used with MRC:


dwrcc.exe [-?|-?:] [-c:] [-h:] [-m:machinename] [-u:username] [-p:password | -p:"pass word"] [-d:domain] [-o:TCPport] [-s:sharedsecret] [-r:] [-a:0|1|2]  [-v:] [-md:] [-i:n] [-x:]



-?:  Displays this Help menu.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -?:


-c:  Connects automatically.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m:


-h:  Bypasses the MRC Host Entry settings using the default connection settings unless specified otherwise by additional command line options (used with -c).

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -h: -m:


-m:  Sets the machine via Host Name or IP Address.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m:


-u:  Sets the User ID.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -u:myUsername


-p:  The password field can be enclosed in double quotes.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -u:myUsername -p:"my Password"


*Note:  When Smart Card Logon authentication method selected (i.e. -a:3), -p: parameter is used to supply PIN, instead of Password.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m:  -a:3 -p:PIN


-d:  Specifies the Domain name.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -u:myUsername -p:myPassword -d:myDomainName


-o:  Specifies the TCP Port Number.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -o:6129


-s:  Specifies the Shared Secret Password

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -h: -m: -u:myUsername -p:myPassword -s:mySharedSecret


-r:  Specifies the use of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Example =  dwrcc.exe -m:myMachineName -r:


-a:  Specifies the Authentication Method. (0=Proprietary Challenge/Response, 1=NT Challenge/Response, 2=Encrypted Windows Logon, 3=Smart Card Logon).

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -u:myUsername -p:myPassword -d:myDomainName -a:2


*Note:  When Smart Card Logon authentication method selected (i.e. -a:3), -p: parameter is used to supply PIN.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m:  -a:3 -p:PIN  (v5.5 and above)


-v:  Opens this MRC session in View Only Mode.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -v:


-md:  Specifies the use of the MRC Mirror Driver (if installed).

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -md:


-i:  Instance number override.

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -i:n (where 0<n<40)


-x:  Automatically closes the MRC Application after disconnecting from the remote machine (via command line).

Example =  dwrcc.exe -c: -m: -x:


Common example:


DWRCC.EXE -c: -x: -h: -m:SUPPORT -u:John -p:password -d:DameWare -o:6129 -a:2


The above command opens the MRC Application and tries to connect to a remote machine called SUPPORT on TCP 6129 using the Encrypted Windows Logon authentication method with “John” as the User Name, “password” as the Password and then closes the application on disconnect.  Any settings not specified on the command line are retrieved from the Default Host Properties.