Client Agent Service Overview


The MRC Client Agent Service is a Service installed under the Local System Account of the remote machine.  The MRC Application on the local machine establishes a straight TCP connection to the MRC Client Agent Service on the remote machine on the designated TCP port.  The MRC Client Agent Service uses the default TCP port of 6129, but it can be installed and run on any of the valid available TCP ports.


When installed and running on the remote machine, the MRC SysTray icon will be visible in the System Tray unless it has been disabled within the settings of the MRC Client Agent Service:


Administrator rights are required to install, remove, start, stop, upgrade or downgrade the Service as well as to modify its settings.  For a detailed description on how to install the MRC Client Agent Service, see the Help Topic entitled "MRC Client Agent Service Installation Methods" in the Additional Information section.


***The MRC Client Agent Service can also be run as an Application on the desktop of the remote machine, however this reduces the functionality of the MRC program.