Browser Pane



Name/Alias Drop-Down List

Allows the MRC user to configure how the Name and/or Alias of the machines in the host list are displayed.




Active Directory Computers

Detects and groups machines within their associated Active Directory domain.




Microsoft Windows Network

Retrieves and displays the Microsoft Windows Network Browser from the Master Browser defined on the network.




SAM Computers

Detects and displays a tree view list of the machines from the Security Account Manager (SAM) database.




PNRP Peers

Displays the remote machines detected via Microsoft’s IPv6 Peer-to-Peer Protocol (PNRP).




MRC Peers

Displays the remote machines that have the MRC Client Agent Service installed and running on them and that have been configured to broadcast their availability.  ***This utilizes IPv6.




Saved Host List

Allows for the saving, grouping, and organizing of remote machines for quick and easy MRC connections.  Each machine in the Saved Host List can have its own unique settings.