WMI Options



The WMI Options tab defines default settings to be used for the WMI Properties Task when a new Exporter project is created. If these settings are modified, they will not apply to the current Exporter project, only when a new project is created.



Automatically selects WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) Properties Task in the Task List when creating a new project.


Single File

Causes all output for this machine to be included in one single output file. Otherwise, a separate file will be generated for each individual property exported.


Default Output File Type

Selects the default Output File Type for WMI Properties.


Default Output Directory

Selects the default Output Directory for WMI Properties.


Show WMI System Classes

This will display the WMI "System" Classes as well as the Win32 Classes.  Win32 Classes are Schema classes included in the root\cimv2 namespace.  These are the primary classes for working with Windows operating systems.

WMI System Classes are predefined classes that are included in every namespace in the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) core.  WMI system classes are evident when the name begins with a double underscore ("__").  These classes provide much of the basic functionality for WMI.  The WMI system classes are similar in purpose to the system tables in SQL server.


Source Machine to retrieve WMI Classes

Defaults to Local Machine.  However, a remote machine from which to retrieve the WMI Classes can be specified.


Default WMI Namespace

Allows the default WMI namespace (i.e. root\cimv2, root\Default, etc.) to be changed to retrieve additional WMI classes.  The default value is root\cimv2.