Toolbar Overview





Starts a new Exporter project.



Opens an existing Exporter project.



Saves the current Exporter project in progress.


image\DWExp-Cut_shg.jpgimage\DWExp-Copy_shg.jpgimage\DWExp-Paste_shg.jpgCut / Copy / Paste

Allows the user to perform basic text functions within the Information pane, Export Pane, or within any text fields on the main application dialog.


image\DWExp-ExportStart_shg.jpgStart Export

Starts the Export process.


image\DWExp-ExportStop_shg.jpgStop Export

Stops the current Export process.


image\DWExp-WMIAdd_shg.jpgAdd WMI Class to Saved WMI Classes

Allows a user to add additional WMI classes to the Saved WMI classes on the local machine.  Even if these classes do not already exist on the local machine, the DWExporter has the ability to retrieve them from another machine.


image\DWExp-WMIRemove_shg.jpgRemove WMI Class from Saved WMI Classes

Removes a WMI class from the Saved WMI classes list on the local machine.


image\DWExp-ADAttributes_shg.jpgEdit Active Directory Export Attributes

Allows for the customizing of the Active Directory attributes that will be retrieved for each different type of AD Object (Computers, Contacts, Groups, OUs, Printers, Shares, and Users each have specific attributes that will be retrieved).


image\DWExp-MachineAdd_shg.jpgAdd Machine(s)

Opens the DWExporter’s Network Browser dialog, so Machines can be added to the Computers List for the current project.


image\DWExp-MachineRemove_shg.jpgRemove Selected Machines

Removes the selected machines from the Computers List for the current project.


image\DWExp-ConnectionCheck_shg.jpgConnection Check

Attempts to contact each "selected" machine from the Computer list to verify connectivity.  It will also populate information about this specific machine within the Computer Properties pane (under the Object section).


image\DWExp-ConnectionStop_shg.jpgCancel Connection Check

Cancels the current connection check action.


image\DWExp-OpenExportFolder_shg.jpgOpen Export Output Folder

Opens the folder where the DWExporter’s output files will be created.



Resets the status indicator for each machine listed in the Computer List.


image\DWExp-Options_shg.jpgApplication Options

Allows modification of the default options for the DWExporter program.  These include General options, Active Directory Options, Standard Options, WMI Options, and Credentials Options.



The Print option displays a dialog box where changes can be made to the default printer settings.


image\DWExp-PrintPreview_shg.jpgPrint Preview

Upon selection of the Print Preview option on the File menu, or by selecting the Print Preview icon on the toolbar, the requested data to be printed can be viewed.



Displays the Help | About dialog box, containing contact information for DameWare Development LLC, as well as version, registration and copyright information for the DWExporter software.


image\DWExp-HelpTopics_shg.jpgHelp Topics

Displays this help file.