System Error 53 - Network Path not Found


System Error: 53
The network path was not found.


System Error: 53 is not directly related to DameWare software, however, it is a fairly common error message.  Please make sure NetBios is enabled (i.e. NetBios over IP (NetBT/WINS), NetBios over IPX, etc.).  This error should be easy to duplicate outside of the software by attempting to map a drive to a shared resource on the remote machine (i.e. Net use X: \\HostName\Admin$ or X: \\IP-Address\Admin$).


Please also verify that File & Printer Sharing is enabled on the remote machine.  If the remote machine is on a different subnet, please note that all the necessary "File & Printer Sharing" ports must be open on the routers/firewalls between the machines for the Mini Remote Control program to remotely install, start, stop, or remove the DMRC Client Agent Service or for any of DameWare NT Utilities functions to work properly.


However, if the remote machine is running Windows XP SP2, this issue could be related to the SP2 Firewall which is enabled by default.  Once the firewall is properly configured, you should not receive this error any longer.  See Windows XP and Service Pack 2 article below for additional information.