Sample Export


Here is a quick example of how to export information from a machine using the DWExporter.


Step 1 – Add the machines to the Computer List view.



Step 2 – Select which Tasks you wish to perform



Step 3 – Modify the Task Properties (if necessary)



Step 4 Add any Credentials under the Computer Properties (if necessary)

Step 5 Start your Export

This can either be done by selecting the F5 key or by selecting the "Start Export" toolbar button.  However, make sure one or more Tasks have been properly selected in the Tasks Pane.  Otherwise the "Start Export" options will be grayed out until at least one Task is selected.


Step 6 Check for Errors

Check the Information and Export panes to ensure there were no errors encountered during the Export process.  You can also check the Status and Error Count columns for the selected machines under the Computer List.