General Options



Save Window Size

This setting will save the DWExporter Window’s size and position upon exiting the software.


Load Last Project on Startup

Upon startup, this setting will instruct the DWExporter to automatically attempt to load the most recent project worked on.


Load Local Computer

Automatically adds the local machine to the Computers List of any new DWExporter projects created.


Load Domain Controller if any

Automatically adds the specified Domain Controller into the Computer List pane of any new DWExporter project created.  By specifying an AD Domain Controller, this also allows the user to select an OU from the Organizational Unit drop down list in the Task Properties pane, to only export objects from that specific OU.


Set Initial State to Checked when adding Computers

Any new machine(s) added to the Computer List will automatically be selected (checked).


List View Options


Display Grid

Displays the "Computer List" and "Export" pane List Views using Grid Lines.


Full Row Select

This allows for the selection of a full row (line) of data by selecting any single column for that row.  Otherwise, only that specific column of data on that line will be selected.


Hot-Track Selection

When enabled, an item is automatically selected when the cursor remains over the item for a certain period of time.  This could be a single column, or an entire row based upon the full row select setting.


Underline Hot-Track

When enabled, this causes the text within any hot item that may be selected to be underlined.


One Click Activate

When enabled, only a single click is required to select an item.