Creates a new Exporter (.DWExporter) project.


image\DWExp-Open_shg.jpg Open

Opens an existing Exporter (.DWExporter) project.


image\DWExp-Save_shg.jpg Save

Saves the current Exporter project.


Save As

Saves the current Exporter project under a different name.


image\DWExp-Print_shg.jpg Print… (Ctrl + P)

Displays a dialog box where changes to the default printer settings can be made.


image\DWExp-PrintPreview_shg.jpg Print Preview

Views the requested data to be printed (Upon selection of the Print Preview option on the File menu, or by selecting the Print Preview icon on the toolbar).


Print Setup

Displays a standard Windows Print Setup dialog box consisting of several customizable options to configure the printing requests.


Recent Files List…..

Displays the most recently worked on DWExporter projects.


image\DWExp-Exit_shg.jpg Exit

Closes the DWExporter application.