Opens the Network Browser dialog, so additional machines can be added to the Computer List.


image\DWExp-MachineRemove_shg.jpg Remove

Removes the currently selected machine from the Computer List.


image\DWExp-CheckSelected-Export_shg.jpgCheck Selected

Check (enable) the currently selected item from the Computer list.


image\DWExp-UncheckSelected-Export_shg.jpgUncheck Selected

Unheck (disable) the currently selected item from the Computer list.


image\DWExp-ExportStart_shg.jpg Start Export

Starts the current DWExporter project.

image\DWExp-ExportStop_shg.jpg Stop Export

Stops the current DWExporter project.


image\DWExp-ConnectionCheck_shg.jpg Connection Check

Checks connectivity to the currently selected machine(s) in the Computer List.  Once the machine has been contacted, the associated information that was retrieved will be populated in the Computer Properties Pane for this machine entry.


Resets the status indicator for each machine listed in the Computer List.



Selects the Computer Properties pane in the current Exporter project.