-214xxxxxxx Errors


Active Directory Tasks:

-214xxxxxxx errors are typically Active Directory errors, and it means you are trying to perform Active Directory exports against machines that are not running Active Directory.  Active Directory exports can only be performed against Domain Controllers in an Active Directory Domain, not on member servers and not on any workstations.  Therefore, you need to select Exports listed under Standard Properties or WMI instead, and uncheck all the AD Exports.


Standard Tasks:


Typically you will not receive -214xxxxxxx errors when exporting Standard Properties Tasks.  Instead you will receive errors such as the System Error: 5 - Access Denied, which usually means you do not have sufficient rights within the Operating System’s security to access this information.  However, it could also be due to Policy settings, or even Services being turned off or disabled.  For example: the Server Service, the NetLogon Service (Domain environments only), the Remote Registry Service, etc.).


WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation)Tasks:


-214xxxxxxx errors when exporting WMI tasks also typically refer to Access Denied, which means that you do not have sufficient rights to retrieve this information via WMI. Unfortunately, this behavior is beyond the software's control and the reason you do not have sufficient rights to WMI needs to be determined.  It could also be that this specific WMI Class does not exist within the Operating System on the remote machine.  Some WMI Classes are not installed in some Operating Systems by default, and others are only installed when certain O/S components are installed.


General Settings:

Verify that the correct Tasks are selected, and also the correct settings (path, file type, single file, etc.) defined for each of the different Task Objects (i.e. Active Directory, Standard, WMI) in the Task Properties Pane.  When working with settings in the Task Properties pane, you must first make sure you have the correct Task Object selected (AD Properties, Standard Properties, or WMI Properties), then tab down to the Task Properties Pane and select the Output Directory, Output Format (CSV, XML, etc.) for that specific Task.  Then select the next Task from the Task List, and verify the settings for this Task Object in the Task Properties Pane are set correctly for that Task.


For Example, if any tasks under Standard Properties are enabled, it is necessary to go down to the Task Properties pane and make sure the object name is Standard Properties, and then set all values.  If tasks are enabled under the AD Properties or WMI properties, also set the correct values for those Task Objects.  Settings for Standard Properties do not roll over for the other tasks, and vice versa.


All the Settings defined in the Application Options dialogs (View | Options) are default settings when a new Exporter project is created, not settings for the current export task.


- First add machine into the Computer List Pane.
- Next, right-click on each Task (Standard, Active Directory, & WMI) and select "Uncheck All" on each.
- Next, select the Tasks you want to export.
- Then, with the Task selected, go down to the Task Properties pane and select the appropriate Output settings (i.e. Directory, Single Output File, and Format).

Then run your export.